Winter Special Window Tint - Soundenvision Marshfield, Mo

Free Brow with purchase of whole vehicle window tint!!

That's right! It is on us.  We will throw in a free brow with your purchase of a full vehicle window tint.  

Here is a little more on our Exclusive Window Tint-

Car Window Tint- Our automotive window film is the investment that improves your driving
experience and your vehicle's value! Our window tint provides the comfort, style and
solar protection that keep you driving cooler and looking great in your car. And,
you get these other benefits:

  • Furnishing and upholstery preservation
  • Reduced hot spots and glare
  • Improved comfort
  • Balanced climate
  • Reduced energy demands
  • Extended HVAC life
  • Increased privacy
  • Aesthetic enhancement


Drive Cooler

Our window films are designed to reject up to 61% of the total solar
energy, making your car cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning. 
Plus, our tint helps cut annoying glare reducing intense bright hot spots
on sunny days and blinding headlights at night.

Protects Interior

Our tint is like sunscreen for your automobile, rejecting up to 99% of all
ultraviolet rays. Solar Gard automotive window films shield premature leather,
vinyl and fabric discoloration and fading to protect your investment.


Protection from the Sun

Our tint shields both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. According to the American
Academy of Dermatology, there is a direct link between more time spent driving
a car and a higher incidence of left-handed skin cancers. Although all types of skin cancer increase with exposure to unprotected skin, particularly common among drivers is a form of melanoma that is caused by cumulative sun exposure rather than the more common form of melanoma that occurs from intense, intermittent sun exposure.

Enhances Appearance

Our films come in a wide variety of colors and tints to compliment any
car or truck exterior. The darker you go, the more privacy you will have but make
sure you check your local tinting laws and adhere to them.

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Purchase Below - Whole Vehicle Window Tints Starting @ $100

Window Tint
100.00 199.00
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Heated Seat Installs on Sale - Soundenvision Marshfield, Mo

Heated Seats - $199 (per seat)


Demand is heating up!  Experience the gentle, therapeutic warmth of seat heating system with dual-zone heating for soothing lower back pain and adding car seat comfort that works with cloth or leather vehicle seats. The therapeutic seat heater is fast-heating providing warmth in less than a minute. Treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort by installing both the therapeutic heated seats in your vehicle today!

Heated Seats
199.99 249.99
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Remote Starts on Sale-Soundenvision Marshfield, Mo

Brrrr! Its cold outside.

We stocked up this season on remote starts.  Treat yourself to a nice + warm defrosted vehicle ready for you. Keeping you + your quest riders comfortable.  Our turn around time is quick!  Book your appointment today. 

Remote Start
249.99 299.99
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Kick A** Vinyl Vehicle Wraps - Soundenvision Marshfield, Mo

What is cosmetic surgery for vehicles?  In our opinion..Vinyl Wrap.

We don't know much of anything about human cosmetic surgery (other than what we have seen in pictures) but we do vehicles.  Customizing a vehicles (or boat, jet ski, golf cart, 4 wheeler, cooler, about anything not breathing) sound, appearance, and feel is our profession. passion. LIFE. 

Our vinyl wraps perform total car + truck makeovers instantly.  Our clients choose to vinyl wrap for different reasons.  Here are a few to consider:

  • Marketing + Advertising- we can create you something that will be noticed. We Promise. 
  • Tired of your current color - we are pretty sure we can put a pen + paper to trading or exchanging your current vehicle for a new one and save you money.
  • Paint Damage - we are amazed when we hear what our clients pay to fix a scratch, rock chip, etc. It is generally much less expensive to vinyl wrap it.
  • Interior trim paint chipped/peeling-we can match your existing. 
  • You want to have a different appearance around your radio, door panels, center console, etc. - our carbon fiber is a customer fav.
  • Our Favorite - you want a bada** ride that represents you. Whatever look you want, we can make it happen.

Hit us up with question + comments. 

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High Demand-The #1 Selling Lithium Jump Starter in the World! PowerAll in Stock

We have a couple left in Stock! We handpick our inventory to sell the best products.  This is one of our personal favs.  Yes, this awesome #1 Selling Lithium Jump Starter in the World! is Soundenvision approved. This is ideal for the outdoorsmen, traveler, commuter, or anyone that appreciates cool tech! 

Get yours today! No Wait. In Stock. Treat yourself or someone special! Purchase below, or swing by and pick it up. 

December Special - Soundenvision Marshfield, Mo

Let Soundenvision get your car ready for winter!  Specials good through 12/31/15

Remote Start - starting at $249.99

Window Tint - starting at $49.99

Heated Seats - starting at $199.99 (per seat)

PowerAll -  $109.99

Remote Start - our remote start system allows you the luxury of being able to climb into your pre-warmed and defrosted vehicle even when it's parked at the far end of a parking lot in the dead of winter, for instance, Or, imagine leaving a hot amusement park in the summertime, crossing a sweltering parking lot, and jumping into your cool, air-conditioned ride. The remote has a range of up to 1500 feet — that's over a quarter of a mile — but don't worry: you'll always be able to find your vehicle in that crowded parking lot when the Car Finder feature beeps the horn for you (an additional relay may be required).  See details below + purchase below!

Window Tint
100.00 199.00
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Remote Start
249.99 299.99
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Heated Seats
199.99 249.99
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50" light bar on jeep- SoundEnvision, Marshfield, mo

Added a light bar, stereo and a monster 12" sub to this jeep.